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Andrea is a nurse who works long hours at the hospital, taking care of children with disabilities. Her cat, Noodles, is worried about her. Learn more about them both in this visual novel.

"Who takes care of the caretakers?" Is a question we asked ourselves as a team while conceptualizing this game. They are often forgotten, left behind the scenes.

This game was made during the 2021 Care Jam, hosted by Code Coven.

Rizz Campanati - Artist

Amandou - Programmer

Thimras - Audio Designer

Gi Lazarini - Game Designer

Garrett Blaize - Narrative Designer

Hanine El Mir - Writer

Content Warning: the ideas explored in this visual novel may evoke some uncomfortable emotions in the player because they tackle hardship, the pandemic, the healthcare body and system.

April 2022 Update: "Who Cares?" was featured in Now Play This - a Festival of Experimental Game Design in the UK.


whocares.zip 32 MB


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Does this game also run on Mac? The files I opened seem to only work on Windows... Am I missing something?


Unfortunately only on windows, sorry.


Good game so far! I can tell it's going to be even better!